Genital Warts Cure

All About Warts

Warts are a common thing in people, over a lifetime most of us will try having warts at one time or another. There are actually different types of warts ; flat warts are known as juvenile warts and are smooth pinhead like. Plantar warts are warts which appear on the soles of feet and are usually painful. Common warts can be found on hands, knees, fingers and elbows. Filiform warts are finger like in shape and appear near the mouth. These are the four common types of warts which appear in kids more than adults. However, there is one more type that would be more common in adults- Genital warts.

Warts Down There

Genital warts are warts which appear in the genital areas known also as venereal warts or condyloma. Like other warts it is caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. Unlike other types of warts, this is very contagious and can be transferred through simple skin contact. Touching and of course, sexual intercourse may give you this virus. This is the most common sexually transmitted disease. These may disappear throughout time, but others may produce growths which is why it is best to get this treated.

Dealing With It

Once you contract the virus for genital warts you will always have it, although there are ways by which you can control its manifestation and get rid of growths. Some of the cures available will include medications and surgery. Most medications for genital warts are not safe for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant because of possible side effects. Another option to curing genital warts is surgery. There are several types of surgery that you can undergo such as laser treatments, electrocautery, surgical excision and freezing with liquid nitrogen.  These may not seem like very appealing options, it’s a good thing that there is another option left, which is homeopathic medication such as Wartol.

What is Wartol?

Wartol is a cure for genital warts that has no side effects, is easy and gets rid of your problem. It works on the basis that “like cures like” just as vaccination does. This is made from natural ingredients that will allow the body to build anti-bodies to fight off genital warts. Wartol is preferred by more people because of the convenience as compared to surgery and because there are no contraindications like prescription medicines. Getting rid of your genital warts does not have to be difficult; with Wartol you can start felling better and healthier. can help you learn more about this genital wart treatment.